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Definition of HOSTLER

In Norman and old English law, this was the tltle of the officer in a monastery charged with the entertainment of guests. It was also applied (until about the time of Queen Elizabeth) to an innkeeper, and afterwards, when the keeping of horses at livery becamea distinct occupation, to the keeper of a livery stable, and then (under the modern form “ostler”) to the groom in charge of the stables of an inn. Cromwell v. Stephens, 2 Daly (N. Y.) 20. In the lan-guage of railroading, an “ostler” or “hostler” at a roundhouse ls one whose duty lt is to receive locomotives as they come in from the road, care for them ln tbe roundhouse, aud have them cleaned and ready for de-parture when wanted. Railroad Co. v. Mas-sig, 50 IU. App. 666; Railroad Co. r. Ash-ling, 34 111. App. 105; Grannis v. Railroad Co., 81 Iowa, 444, 46 N. W. 1067


Black's Law Dictionary 2nd edition

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