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Definition of TITLE

The radicnl mending of this word appears to be that of a mark, style, or designation; a distinctive appellation; the name by which anything is known. Thus, in the law of persons, a title is an appella-tion of dignity or distinction, a name denoting the social rank of the person bearing it as “duke” or “oount.” So, in legislation, the title of a statute is the heading or pre-ilminary part, furnishing the name by which the act is individually known. It is usually prefixed to the statute in the form of a brief summary of its contents; as “Au act for the prevention of gaming.” Again, the title of a patent is the short description of the In-vention, which is copied in the letters pat-ent from the Inventor’s petition; e. g., “a new and improved method of drying and. preparing malt” Johns. Pat. Man. 90


Black's Law Dictionary 2nd edition

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